Adyingnobody Promises To Reveal The Crypto Industry’s Biggest & Nastiest Secrets

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If Adyingnobody is for real, this will be the biggest story of the year. But this has to be fake, right? The whole scenario sounds too much like the plot of a James Bond movie. What if, though? If Adyingnobody is for real, this will shake the crypto market like a hurricane. As the pseudonymous whistleblower wrote, it “will likely tear a rift in the entire community” and “many of the individuals or projects I name will not survive this.” Can we trust Adyingnobody, though?

The pseudonymous whistleblower presents the following case, “I am dying from illnesses that are wreaking havoc on my body.” And they’re going to release “137.21GB of Telegram group chats and messages, of which I was not a part of.” That absurd amount of data was collected “between October of 2019 to May of 2022 I was collecting all messages as is in my data hoarding nature.”

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The information comes from “an exploit in October of 2019 that allowed one to access the group page with recent messages if proper permissions were not set up.” Even though a friend discovered the vulnerability, it was Adyingnobody who took the spying to the next level. “By exploiting this, one could recreate an invite to view the overview page and recent messages of any Telegram group of an individual user without actually joining said group.”

What Info Does Adyingnobody Promise?

The pseudonymous whistleblower invites “reputable press within the community to reach out in order to obtain sample archives from groups I’ve already curated.” Adyingnobody will vet the list to avoid friends and associates of the main players involved, and send them an encrypted file. After that, Adyingnobody will release the information in three pieces. “Password will be provided and all messages on June 15th, 30th and July 7th will be available through a signed transaction at the following address: 0xdC56BCccf3fa51687f339E2425E9Bc1a2acB42Ee”

Hey, this is IMPORTANT. Please don’t download it if you don’t know what you’re doing. An anonymous file could contain all kinds of secret files, viruses, and spyware. And this whole situation is obviously targeting crypto people, so, your funds could be in danger. If you must download the files, consult a security expert before doing so.

According to Adyingnobody, “many of the individuals or projects I name will not survive this, either due to public backlash, financial fraud, or other obscure reasons such as embarrassment.” Who are the main players involved, though? “I had written a script that downloads every message sent to any Telegram group with targeted individuals, you may know some of them as crypto influencers, while others targeted included many investors in the space.”

In light of the situation, Adyingnobody’s innocent remark about Telegram sounds like a threat. “I do not know what it is about Telegram, but the alleged assurance of privacy and security meant that people became relaxed and let them express themselves freely.”

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What Did Those Crypto Influencers And Investors Share?

Look, this rumored scandal contains some of the most horrible accusations you can conceive of. We’re a crypto-focused publication, though. We’ll leave the morbid stuff for other outlets and keep the spotlight on the crimes related to crypto. Which are horrible enough, taking into account the number of people that must’ve been scammed if all of this is true.

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So, what does Adyingnobody have on these crypto influencers? “From personal events in their lives shared with their closest friend groups, to scams and rugpulls that were created on their way to success, financially and socially on Twitter.” In the first drop, they’ll have “those with 8-9 figures and high amounts of Twitter followers discussing rugpull projects, projects intended to scam the community and individuals, dating between Dec 2019 – Feb 2022.”

In the second drop, Adyingnobody will feature “project creators in the top 200 mcap projects, from yield-farming projects, to stablecoins, to AMM’s all designed from the start to siphon funds from the majority of users.” These project creators, by the way, allegedly were caught “asking twitter employees to personally delete and/or ban accounts relating to incriminating information.”

This whole thing has to be fake though, right? Engagement farming and all that, right? If that’s the case, it’s working. The Adyingnobody account was created 9 hours ago and it already has 18K followers.

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