Could Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) Provide Stiff Competition For Top Exchanges?

Could Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) Provide Stiff Competition For Top Exchanges?

Binance has had a rough year, losing almost half of its value, having troubles with financial regulators, and many more issues, making it unfavourable for investors. Instead, they want to see Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) listed on Coinbase due to its potential. Analysts predict that Orbeon Protocol will skyrocket by more than 6000% after the presale ends.

Investors want to see Orbeon Protocol listed on Coinbase

Even though ORBN as a token is outstanding in its own right, ORBN alone is not what is generating so much interest. Orbeon Protocol solves many issues for new startups and investors, as entrepreneurs can now easily raise funding while simultaneously establishing a community.

This enables early-stage enterprises to circumvent regulatory obstacles that have typically hindered fundraising. Additionally, ordinary investors now have access to the exclusive venture capital industry.

Orbeon Protocol functions as an investment platform, a novel advancement in the venture capital industry that enables everyday people to invest directly in emerging startups by minting these unique startups as fractionalized equity-backed NFTs, which investors may purchase for as little as $1.

People want ORBN to be listed on Coinbase after the presale concludes, as the token provides holders with unique benefits ranging from staking bonuses to governance rights of the project. Orbeon Protocol is intriguing, and it will be amazing to observe how things develop.

Orbeon Protocol will compete with Binance

Binance (BNB) was founded by Changpeng Zhao and Yi He in 2017. Initially, Binance was solely a cryptocurrency exchange, but it has since expanded to encompass many services. On the Binance Chain, there is a launchpad, an NFT marketplace, and even a decentralized exchange.

A significant factor in the success of Binance (BNB) is its native coin, which investors can use to minimize trading fees on the exchange. Binance (BNB) has also been exceptionally inventive, frequently launching new features and products.

The current price of Binance (BNB) is $300, representing a decrease of more than 63% from its all-time high of $690. While Binance (BNB) appears to be a promising

long-term investment, it is impossible to predict how long it will take for the price to recover.

Orbeon Protocol could be one of the best short-term and long-term investments for crypto fans who want to buy a cryptocurrency with real-world utility.

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