FTX’s Lawyers Requests Permission to Question SBF’s Family

FTX's Lawyers Requests Permission to Question SBF's Family

Sam Bankman-Fried’s parents and brother may have to answer several questions from FTX lawyers.

Bankrupt crypto exchange FTX lawyers have reportedly expressed a desire to question Sam Bankman-Fried’s family members.

According to the Bloomberg report shared on January 26th, FTX lawyers asked Judge John Dorsey in the District of Delaware to allow them to question Bankman-Fried’s mother, father, and brother.

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FTX lawyers reportedly want SBF’s family members, father Joseph Bankman, mother Barbara Fried, and brother Gabriel Bankman-Fried, to answer their questions under oath. In particular, lawyers are hoping to receive information about whether SBF’s family received any money for FTX.

On top of that, lawyers want to obtain financial documents about his family members’ personal wealth. It is worth noting that lawyers do not cross out the possibility of questioning family members of other executives in an attempt to track down FTX-related funds.

It is believed that Bankman-Fried’s dad, a law professor at Stanford Law School, was advising the crypto exchange employees regarding various tax-related matters. Moreover, the man has reportedly made several recommendations regarding who to hire for the company’s legal team.

It is worth noting that Bankman-Fried’s parents, professors at Stanford Law School, played a key role in securing SBF’s $250 million bail with equity to their home in California.

On the other hand, SBF’s brother Gabriel is one of the founders of Guarding Against Pandemicsa group of “scientific and political experts committed to promoting technological innovation to prevent future pandemics.” It is believed that Sam Bankman-Fried personally contributed to several campaigns hosted by Guarding Against Pandemics.

FTX co-founder and former CEO is currently released on bail and is waiting for a trialwhich is set to start in October. The mastermind behind FTX faces eight criminal counts, including wire fraud, securities fraud, and violations of campaign finance laws.

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