Game of Thrones NFT Collection Sells Out – Crypto Twitter Reacts

Game of Thrones NFT Collection Sells Out – Crypto Twitter Reacts

Game of Thrones NFT Collection Sells Out – Crypto Twitter Reacts

  • Game of Thrones (GoT): Build Your Realm NFT collection sells out in the early hours of January 10th.
  • The digital collectibles appear to be AI-generated art.
  • GoT and NFT communities react to the quality of the NFTs.
  • Nifty’s announced a Series 2 of the Game of Thrones NFTs, coming to OpenSea soon.

After launching on January 10th, 2023, the Game of Thrones Build Your Realm NFT collection created a buzz on social media after it sold out on Nifty’s NFT marketplace in less than seven hours.

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With high-profile partners like Nifty’sDaz3D, HBO, and Warner Bros., the launch was highly anticipated by GoT and NFT fans across Crypto Twitter. The high demand for the collectibles is rooted in the success of the associated series and the new spinoff titled House of the Dragon.

Following initial trading, the collection currently stands at a floor price of 0.0699 ETH, worth approximately 97.59 USD at the time of writing, a total trading volume of 259 ETH or $361 611.92, and a highest offer of 0.0665 WETH, or $93.10 on OpenSea.

Criticism, Confusion, Conversation

Crypto Twitter was quick to express opinions about the perceived low quality of the NFTs, technical delays during the Series 1 launch, and the unique aesthetic that appears to be AI-generated.

Some GoT and NFT communities praised the unique idea of digital collectibles that allow fans to build their own realm through themed features and iconic moments from the TV series.

Regardless of critiques about the project, Nifty’s already announced that a Series 2 of the Game of Thrones NFTs will be minted on OpenSea soon.

On the Flipside

  • Build Your Realm reacts to the aesthetic commentary about the long fingers of the characters, tweeting that it was a “rendering mistake.”
  • It remains to be seen whether the project can address the critiques from the community before launching Series 2.

Why You Should Care

The rapid advancement of AI and blockchain technology is demonstrated by top brands embracing the tools to create intriguing and immersive user experiences.

As the volume of projects capitalizing on Web3 and AI art trends rise, critique and discussion regarding the ethics of using AI in the creation and monetization of art have become increasingly prominent.

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