Lead SHIB Dev Will No Longer Follow Shibarium Projects, But Here’s Good News

Lead SHIB Dev Will No Longer Follow Shibarium Projects, But Here's Good News

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Yuri Molchan

Shytoshi Kusama says he will stop following other Shibarium projects, here’s reason

The chief of the Shiba Inu developers has taken to his Twitter handle to announce he intends not to follow any other Shibarium projects anymore.

But there is also some good news about the projects that have filed to collaborate with Shibarium.

Besides, the pseudonymous Shytoshi Kusama has reached a new milestone on the aforementioned social media platform.

Kusama stops following other projects on Shibarium

In a recent tweet, Shytoshi Kusama said that he will not be able to follow any other Shibarium-linked project anymore since the Layer 2 solution is becoming more and more falsely used to promote these projects.

Further on, Kusama said that he believes in “DYOR” — doing your own research. Thus, he stressed, if he happens to mention a project, he expects the SHIB community to do its research rather than follow him blindly.

If Shytoshi says that he despises some project, he also expects the community to do its own research about it. If someone says on Twitter that Kusama has been endorsing or buying tokens, the Shiba Inu community should do its research.

As for the SHIB developer team, they always do their own research too — which Kusama calls “DOOR.”

Shytoshi happy with thousands of submitted projects

The leader of the Shiba Inu developer team has confirmed that, recently, he has seen an inflow of thousands of projects through the recently published intake form. They all wish to collaborate with Shibarium, to build on it, promote it, donate to it, etc.

On Saturday, in the Shibarium Telegram chat, Kusama stated that among those thousands of projects that have been submitted, there are some “incredible” ones. In his Sunday tweet, he confirmed it, adding that “so many amazing projects” will join Shibarium on its journey when beta is released soon.

Shytoshi promised to send emails in response to those submissions over the weekend. He also reminded the community that ShibaSwap will be the only official DEX of Shibarium.

Kusama now has 900K+ followers

The lead developer of SHIB and Shibarium has set a new record, as his number of followers has grown significantly recently.

Now, Shytoshi Kusama has slightly over 900,000 followers. Besides, as reported by U.Today last week, the pseudonymous SHIB developer also finally got a Twitter blue check that costs $8 per month since Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter. Now, Kusama’s account is officially verified, which may prevent imposters from setting up fake accounts under his name.

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