Lionel Messi Joins Fantasy Soccer NFT Game Sorare

Lionel Messi Joins Fantasy Soccer NFT Game Sorare

Seven-time Ballon d’Or winner Lionel Messi is set to participate in fantasy NFT collectible soccer game Sister as an investor and brand ambassador, the company announced in a statement made on Wednesday, November 9th.

The Argentine forward for French club Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) will assist Sister in setting new standards for how fans connect and interact with clubs and players, the company said.

The announcement revealed that the two parties will work together to create new content and experiences for fans. The agreement further establishes Messi as a shareholder in the company at an undisclosed level.

CEO and Co-Founder of SisterNicolás Julia, expressed that the opportunity to bring Messi onboard marked a “great milestone” for the company.

"We believe Messi will help us set new standards in how we do this, and we look forward to sharing what new content and fan experiences we’ve been collaborating on soon," CNBC reported.

Sister allows users to collect and exchange NFT player cards as they look to build and manage the best team of five players to participate in fantasy soccer tournaments.

The company claims that the use of collectible NFTs, which keep records of ownership on the blockchain, means that the virtual cards, which bear the likenesses of real players and their abilities, automatically creates “digital scarcity”, thereby encouraging trade.

New Ways to Express Passion for Soccer

Sister is a Parisian startup with a net worth is $4.3 billion, according to the latest records. The company claims to have a presence in 185 countries, with a userbase numbering more than two million.

The company holds association agreements with more than 300 sports teams and leagues around the world, including Germany’s Bundesliga, and Spain’s La Liga. Lately, it the firm has worked to expand its platform into other sports, such as basketball and baseball.

"Fans have always looked for ways to express their passion and get closer to the players and teams that they love," Messi said in a statement. "Sorare’s combination of a fantasy game with digital collectibles gives fans new ways to do that, wherever they are in the world," he added.

Last March, Messi signed an agreement with the Sports Fan Engagement Partners platform for the promotion of its native Chiliz (CHZ) token. The Argentine talisman is also a brand ambassador for the firm, following a separately signed agreement.

Upon signing a two year deal with Paris Saint-Germain, Messi also agreed to receive part of his salary in $PSG fan tokensthe digital currency developed by the same app for PSG.

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