MetisDAO looks back at 2022’s event collection

MetisDAO looks back at 2022’s event collection

Metis has witnessed great success in 2022, and the ecosystem experienced rapid expansion as the team laid down the solid groundwork for improvements and empowered mainstream digital mass adoption. The successes Metis of 2022 included –

  • Metis Ambassador Program – Metis ambassadors include leading members from different corners of the world, helping the community grow by educating members about the network of Metis Andromeda.
  • Community Ecosystem Governance Program (CEG) – The launch of the Metis CEG program was the first step towards giving the community a decentralized ecosystem that supports the vision of Metis’s network, accessible to all projects that provide sustainable and long-term benefits to the ecosystem.
  • Off-Chain Data Storage – Metis provides off-chain data storage done via MemoLabs that is used for fraud-proof challenge and rollup data processes. Metis can process high rollup amounts of transactions because of this approach, and it has resulted in record-low transactional costs and finality compared to other Layer 2s and chains.
  • MetisFest – Metis is continuously seeking brand-new techniques to engage and educate the digital community. MetisFest held interesting and enticing conversations about the sentiments and current events, thriving in the web 3.0 community through keynotes and panel discussions with prominent contributors of the industry.
  • Matrix – The reputation Power Matrix was launched in 2022 as a mechanism to sustain value while protecting privacy by using a privacy-first framework.
  • Continuous growth in the ecosystem – Although the market conditions are always changing, The basic goal of Metis was to push forward and witness the growth that attributes to the entire ecosystem-based campaigns and community. Metis Marathon, a 26-week marketing initiative, was elected due to the increased TVL and success of the network.
  • Unfinished Business – Metis continues to carry on improving the Web 3.0 economy to include more members in the decentralized infrastructure.

Furthermore, it can be said that MetisDAO has worked hard and attained significant success in all its endeavors. They have battled through all the challenges of 2022. It has attained significant heights in the field of decentralized operations to strengthen the Web3 universe.

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