Ripple To Win and Gary Gensler To Resign in 2023, Crypto YouTuber Shares His Forecast

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Gamza Khanzadaev

Ben “BitBoy” Armstrong predicts Ripple court victory and major unexpected turn in 2023

Crypto blogger and pro-XRP activist Ben Armstrong, aka BitBoy, shared an extremely optimistic forecast for 2023. While the first part of the prediction dealt directly with Ripple winning its lawsuit against the SECwhich has become a familiar setup in the community, the second part of the prediction was truly surprising.

According to Armstrong, the new year should be the year that the current head of the regulator, Gary Gensler, is forced to step down. Earlier last year, similar calls were made on social media, even before the collapse of the crypto exchange FTX.

Less optimistic forecast

Another pro-XRP activist and crypto lawyer, John Deaton, sees a slightly different picture. He believes the issue will be decided by a judge, without the pretrial settlement that many in the XRP community are hoping for. Such an outcome makes the chances of crypto winning the case more uncertain. Gensler, according to Deaton, is not going to make any concessions at all in the case and admit that XRP is not a security.

Such stubbornness could prove to be a serious obstacle to a positive outcome for Ripple and XRPnot to mention Gensler leaving his post. Nevertheless, judging from various predictions, including of those directly involved in the trial, the result should become known in the coming months.

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