This Exclusive Cardano NFT Collection Sold for 90,000 ADA, Here’s Why It’s Special

This Exclusive Cardano NFT Collection Sold for 90,000 ADA, Here's Why It's Special

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Gamza Khanzadaev

Exclusive Cardano NFT from world-famous photographer sold for 90,000 ADA

Renowned photographer and NFT enthusiast Jason Mathias has shared the amazing story of creating the “A Memory of Light” collection, which subsequently sold for 90,000 ADA.

Although the sale of the collection is not a record for Cardano NFTsit is still one of the most high-profile releases of recent times, both in terms of price and the unique story behind the creation of the digital art pieces.

NFT, but art

First, it is worth noting that the images in the collection are not drawn, generated or molded from clay. These are real photographs that Matias took at the American cemetery in Normandy, where the participants of that very Operation Neptune during the Second World War were buried.

The photographer says he was prompted to go there by the dream of one of his collectors, who really wanted to go there but could not because of the recent pandemic. So Matias traveled to Normandy on his own, shot some heartbreaking shots in what he calls his trademark “comfort isolation” style, and the real-life NFT collection “A Memory of Light” on Cardano was born.

Each of the NFT items in the collection is accompanied by a unique print of a real photograph, numbered and autographed by Matias. It is important to clarify that the photographer retains the copyright to the images.

Funny enough, the release of such a truly artful Cardano NFT collection comes the day after the blockchain project’s founder, Charles Hoskinson, publicly rejected the NFT concept.

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