MetaCrunch, Avalanche, And Solana Could Be The Way Forward In Providing Banking To The Unbanked, Avalanche, And Solana Could Be The Way Forward In Providing Banking To The Unbanked, Avalanche, And Solana Could Be The Way Forward In Providing Banking To The Unbanked




According to the most recent report by the World Bank, more than 1.7 billion are unbanked globally. This means that not only do they lack a bank account but lack access to essential financial services.

Decentralized finance and cryptocurrency change this. provides a store of value equivalent to a pension or index fund, Avalanche allows investors to access dollars, and Solana offers a high-speed monetary framework enabling payments and loans.

Uniglo provides a long-term store of value through its exposure to a unique blend of digital assets. A store of value remains money’s most remarkable property allowing humans to retain purchasing power into the future. However, fiat has failed, and persistently high inflation has rapidly eroded fiat’s ability to store value.

Uniglo overcomes this hurdle by blending wealth preservation with growth speculation to create a token that steadily appreciates. Uniglo’s developers delivered this solution by mixing fundamental economic principles- asset ownership and scarcity- with the technologically superior currency: digital assets. Uniglo’s vault houses a collection of different assets that give GLO the native token a value-backed floor price and allow this floor price to rise in line with the economic sentiment. The vault also houses stablecoin to hedge against volatility. And as a further mechanism to ensure steady appreciation, developers introduced a revolutionary burning mechanic making GLO DeFi’s first hyper-deflationary token.


Avalanche is a layer one blockchain possessing both a native asset and a settlement layer, meaning it can be used as an alternative financial system. Ava Labs launched the Avalanche mainnet in March 2020, and the blockchain supports all the largest stablecoins allowing global investors access to dollars.

The dollar’s value declines in purchasing power but remains a better option than most fiat currencies globally. Avalanche allows borderless payments in real-time with minimal fees, only requiring an internet connection and a non-custodial for interaction.





Solana is another third-generation blockchain similar to Avalanche. However, Solana performs far better. The blockchain possesses a theoretical throughput of sixty-five thousand transactions a second, making it faster than Avalanche and faster than Visa, the world’s leading payment processors.

Solana’s ecosystem features a lending protocol known as Solend, which enables permissionless loans for investors with crypto to collateralize.

Closing Thoughts

Uniglo provides the store of value, stablecoins on Avalanche, the unit of account, and Solana powers loans. Unbanked people globally can leapfrog the traditional finance system with these three projects. In terms of overall utility, Uniglo takes first place, offering something that not even fiat can offer; a reliable store of value over extended periods.

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